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About this space Edit

Information literacy is perhaps the most critical skill of the information age and yet one which receives scant attention from academics who turn to information literacy staff at libraries and allow them to spend 45 minutes teaching students this skill.

The current collaboration is the entry Information Literacy. It is the primary entry. Please help improve it.

This wiki it is hoped, will become an important resource for people working in this field. It will contain articles on theory and practice, list important journals and feature biographies of prominent people in the field.

There is currently one administrator of this wiki. Please feel free to leave messages for him on his talk page at

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And of course you can dive right in with and start a new article!.

Searchers, LearnersEdit

Searchers, Learners is the Information Literacy Wikia "Journal". As can be noted the Policies and Guidelines people are welcome to create journal article entries in the wikia. On a periodic basis the best of these will be placed in a virtual volume of our journal. The Policies and Guidelines stipulates how these type of articles will be handled. The wikia provides for a great discussion space on the articles.

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