For proposed policies and guidelines see Proposed Policies and Guidelines.

  1. There are two types of entry on this Wikia - Encyclopaedic articles and personal articles.
    1. Encyclopaedic articles deal with the knowledge base of information literacy.
      1. All encyclopaedic articles must be written from a neutral point of view and detail a specific aspect of information literacy.
    2. Personal articles cover entries which may be research or reflection. They are essentially what would be found in a journal and may include personal research.
      1. Such entries must have the template {{OR}} placed as the first line.
      2. People need to respect the fact that these represent a personal work and refrain from editing them. You are always welcome to air your views on the related talk page.
      3. Once the article is complete, the author should notify an administrator who will protect the final version against editing.
  2. All entries must bear a relationship to the wiki domain, i.e. Information Literacy.
  3. No article must denigrate any person or organisation.
  4. Debates concerning entry validity or correctness are to be held on the discussion/talk page of the entry in question.